Back to School 

Back to School with great deals! Get the relaxation you need with our Spa Packages for Teachers, Students, parents, and families! 

Refresh & Revitalize 
195$ value  Price145$

This Package is great for Parents, teachers, and all adults who are looking for that perfect selfcare refresh and boost before back to school begins! 

Aroma Massage    60 min

Migraine Reducer 15 min

European Facial  60 min 

Spa amenities 60 min

 Begin with a relaxing 60-minute full-body aromatherapy massage and allow our highly-trained massage specialists to release constrained stress by combining Eastern and Western massage techniques.  Follow it up with a 60-minute European facial that utilizes Guinot skincare products for an organic rejuvenation of the face.  Continue with our Extra enhancement included migraine reducer massage as well as our Spa amenities ( Sauna & Steam room ).

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Back to School 

200$ value price 145$

This is package is tailored for children and students who are getting ready to go back to school and want that glow! It has every self care they need to get ready!

Goodbye Acne Facial 70 min 

Sports Massage 60 min

Eyebrow & Lip wax or Underarm Wax 10min

Spa Amenities 60 min

Begin with a 60 minute goodbye acne facial. This purifying treatment is excellent for break-outs; skin prone to blackheads and clogged pores. Skin is cleansed, steamed, impurities are extracted. Followed by a Sports massage.  Sports massage can ease physical injuries by stretching and toning damaged muscles, resulting in decreased recovery time. It can also soften scar tissue caused by previous injuries and assists the removal of waste products from the body. Since Sports massage also increases muscle flexibility, it can also be used to prevent injury. Next the choice is yours to choose either Eyebrow & Lip wax or underarm wax. Finally end the relaxing day using our Sauna and steam room.