Multi-Vitamin Wrap & Scrub  $120

This is one of our most potent anti-aging body wraps.  Utilizing botanical safflower seed oils, highly active Hydroxy Acids, enriched with antioxidants vitamins A and C, which help carry nourishing agents into the skin. This treatment improves texture and elasticity and is an excellent treatment for sun damaged skin.

Milk & Honey Wrap & Scrub  $120

This timeless ritual has been practiced for thousands of years because of milk and honey's ability to both nourish and comfort. You will emerge with a sense of relaxation and total well being when enveloped in a warm, soothing & moisturizing wrap. Give the hydration your body need, result may last up to a week. 

Sea Mud Mineral Wrap & Scrub  $120

The ultimate in relaxing and cleansing combining essential oils and sea mud. Essential oils are prepared individually for specific concerns and applied to the body. Excellent treatment for: a. Slenderizing b. Vitality c. Detoxification or d. Relaxation.  The hydrating and rejuvenating benefits of the mud is also very therapeutic for aches and pains throughout the body.

Sugar Scrub or Sea Salt Scrub  $60

Bring your skin and your senses to life. This exfoliating treatment thoroughly and effectively removes dead surface skin cells. Our treatment effectively rejuvenates your skin and leaves you glowing inside and out. Extend this treatment with a Swedish Massage.



Couples Amenities   $20
Share the experience of bliss with someone special in your life, whether its a spouse, friend or family member in our private couples room. Complimentary wine and chocolate per request.

Hand Smoothing Treatment  $30     
Give your hands the attention they need with this anti-aging treatment. An exfoliating peel works to dissolve and polish away dry skin cells and a nourishing cream gives the hands the moisture they crave.

Foot Scrub  $30
Give your back or foot the attention it need with this add-on treatment. An exfoliating peel works to dissolve and polish away dry skin cells and a nourishing cream gives the body the moisture it craves.

Herbal Foot Reflexology  $35  
This Herbal Foot treatment uses totally natural herbs. The key benefits of this foot bath are cleansing and detoxification of your feet, and improving blood circulation. Come pamper yourself with this wonderful 30 minute treatment and give your feet a well-deserved rest and attention to regain that baby soft skin and at the same time, replenish your feet with the vital nutrients and herbal abstracts.