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Threapeutic Massage  $80  |  60min
Our therapists will evaluate your individual needs and design a customized massage just for you. Using a combination of deep tissue, swedish, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, sports, and stretching techniques
to stimulate blood flow and lymph fluids, therefore improving blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, eliminate toxins and inducing general relaxation. Recommended for 1st-time massage clients to Swan Day Spa.


Pregnancy Massage  $80  | 60min 

Benefits of Pre & Post Natal Massage including: nurturing touch, reduces water retention, firms body and muscle tone, and general well-being by relieving muscle pains and body aches.


Healing Stone Massage   $100  | 60min

Perfect for those who find it difficult to unwind. Hot-stone massage treatments are performed by veteran massage therapists to help soothe away the tension with the help of heated stones. The added warmth enhances circulation to flush out toxins and loosens adhesions between muscles and connective tissues.


Couples Massage    $180  | 60min

Unique and special! You and your partner will have the opportunity to experience the art of massage together in the same room.


Target Area Massage    $45  | 30min
Relieve stress from your neck and shoulder or arms and legs or lower back with this massage.


Acupressure Chair Massage    $20 | 15 min 

A great add-on for every type of massage, this enhancement is an ideal way to begin and end any type of massage. Warmed up and relaxed your muscles couldn’t be more ready for lengthening and re-alignment. This will give you longer lasting benefits of your massage, increased flexibility, and more energy.

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